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November Club is a performing arts company. We make site-specific productions that explore the stories of the local communities with whom we work. We work indoors and outdoors in all sorts of places to weave together historical and contemporary themes. Participation is central to what we do. We invite our audiences to share their experiences, heritage and creativity, to take extraordinary journeys into unexpected places.

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  • 'A great project remembering our town's history. There was real community involvement - a platform for sharing experiences and memories.'
    The Great Performing Rope

  • ‘I have definitely never experienced anything like it before. Everything, every part of what you experience is so imaginatively done and so well done.’
    Teacups, Zebras and Dancing Kaisers

  • ‘An amazing combination of fact and theatre that makes history come to life.’
    The Perfect View

  • ‘Really great evening…brilliant. The dance at the end topped it off, and almost finished me off!’
    Teacups, Zebras and Dancing Kaisers

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