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November Club is a multi-award winning arts company. We work both indoors and outdoors, in unusual places, with local communities, professional artists and performers, weaving stories into 'meaningful magic'.

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Summer Drama Workshop

19th and 20th August  •  10 - 4pm  •  £25

Do you want to get a peek into the secrets of making theatre?

If you're aged 9 - 16 and like acting and storytelling come and be part of November Club's two day Summer Drama Workshop.  Led by Charlotte Sisson, the workshop will start with drama games exploring your stories and create some new theatre!

Click here to BOOK NOW or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you require more information.  All participants will receive an information email the week before the Workshop commences.

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Utopia HQ

Estate Photo

Step into Utopia HQ and it’s as if you’ve fallen through a crack in time.  The Estate Office of Sir Charles Phillips Trevelyan at Wallington Hall has been transformed into a polling station, and in each of the voting booths there is a peep hole to the past.

It’s all part of the National Trust’s ‘Vote’ Project, and November Club artist Imogen Cloët has created a new installation, inspired by the Trevelyan’s desire to create a socialist utopia.

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Release the Fun!

15.06 release the fun smallPolly’s looking peaky, Lilliput has come to life and there’s a hump backed zebra in the library. It can only be November Club back at National Trust Wallington. This time producing a self directed adventure through the house for families... or anyone interested in fun things to do, the Trevelyan way of course!

The House Manager’s in a pickle. The fun, laughter and mischief within the House appear to have gone missing.  Can today’s families come to the rescue, and release the fun back into the house?

Cinzia Hardy, November Club’s Creative Director said: “The Trevelyans were real thinkers and loved puzzles, brain bending activities and making up their own games. We’re not saying there is no fun at Wallington, what we are saying is that Release the Fun! brings a whole lot more.”

On arrival at Wallington families will be presented with a specially commissioned gift, full of games... Read more

Why are you here?

BlicklingDeskWhy are you here? is the question November Club has posed to visitors to Bickling Hall in Norfolk.

2015 is the 75th Anniversary of the untimely death of Philip Kerr, the 11th Marquis of Lothian and his bequest of Bickling to the National Trust.

November Club Creative Director and Artist Imogen Cloet have posed the question; “Why are you here?” The question is double-edged, asking visitors to consider the whole purpose of why we have the National Trust and its magnificent houses and why each visitor has come to Bickling on that day and at that time.

“It’s a bit like a jigsaw puzzle.” Says Cinzia, “There isn’t a clear beginning middle or end to the tour, at least not in that order, we want visitors to think about the different aspects of the house and the people who have lived here and then draw their own conclusions about why they are here.”

Bickling is... Read more