Two teenagers sneak into a museum after hours with a camera.

What happens next?

"I’m a playwright working with the November Club and I’d like your help with an experiment.

We’re really interested in how we can use technology to push the boundaries of what a ‘play’ is. We want to explore using film and livestreaming to take theatre out of a theatre, to turn more places into stages and to create a site-specific story that can happen out there in the world, not in an auditorium. 

To do this, we’re creating a new play to be performed in and livestreamed after hours from Woodhorn Museum in Northumberland. It’s an amazing place with a fascinating history that I imagine some of you have been to before, and for this project we’re creating an original piece to be performed in that space, and hopefully let people see it in a new light. 

And for that I’d really love to ask you some questions; If you could take a camera into an empty museum, what story would you want to tell? What do you consider to be the history of the place you’re from? Is that history important to you? Who writes it? How might we rewrite it? Does it matter?

And I really want to know what you think about our experiment; when does a play stop being a play? Can anywhere be a stage? What are the places you’d want to stream to the world?

I’d love to invite you along to some informal workshops to talk about these ideas. We’ll do some discussions and exercises, and we’ll also talk about the process of making and livestreaming a play like this. You’ll get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the set and rehearsals, and an opportunity to meet the Director and Actors. It should be fun and exciting. I hope you can join us!"


About The Project

At November Club we make professional theatre and art in amazing and unusual spaces and places. We tell the stories of the people and places in the North East and create exciting and vibrant work that explores where we have come from and where we are going. We work on beaches, in forests, in old houses, in cattle markets and in secret libraries.

We want to expand the voices that are heard in the North East, by working with some brilliant new people. As a company we want to work with young people and old people, people who have lived in the North of England their whole lives and people who arrived yesterday. This digital project is just the start of this.

We’ve pulled together a great team to start things off. Our writer, Tatty Hennessy, has worked on London’s West End and created plays for the National Youth Theatre. Joe Hufton, our Director, has directed amazing site-specific work all over the world and now runs November Club.

**Please note applications for this process have now closed. Keep an eye on our social media channels for more information on the project **

If you are a young person aged 15 – 20 and want to be a part of something new and exciting, we would love to hear from you. We’d like to connect with a diverse range of young people living in Northumberland, including British, Polish, Kurdish and Syrian communities.

You will need to be free for between 3 – 5 online sessions between April – June 2021:

  • Saturday 24 April 10am – 11.30am – workshop with the Writer, Tatty Hennessy
  • Saturday 22 May 10am – 11.30am – workshop with Tatty & the Director, Joe Hufton
  • Monday 14 – Friday 18 June* you will:
    • Get exclusive behind-the-scenes access to the set and rehearsals;
    • watch the 30 minute livestreamed performance;
    • meet the Writer, Director and Actors and get to ask them questions about the production.

*Dates for this week and whether online or in-person are to be confirmed.

If you have any questions, please contact our Participation Producer, Louise Taylor-Asheg on [email protected].