November Club primarily works across Northumberland – mainly in rural locations or with communities and groups who experience the biggest barriers to participating in and enjoying the arts and cultural projects.

Twelfth Day with the Delavals at Enchanted Parks – Saltwell Park. © Reed Ingram WeirRarely do we work in a traditional theatre or arts venue. In fact, over the past 10 years we have told our stories in some very unusual locations including; an auction mart where farmers sell their livestock, remote and rural village halls, National Trust properties and gardens, historic libraries and museums, a train station and even in the back of a horse wagon! There really is no limit to where we can work and the stories we can tell!

Community involvement is at the heart of what we do. After all, it is the local community who know their place best and benefit most from our work. We collect stories and memories and delve through archives. We seek out people from different backgrounds and ages to contribute to the project and often many will take their place in the final performance, alongside professional artists and musicians, as volunteers or as members of our audience.

Beyond The End of the Road - Full cast. © The Image FarmNovember Club creates productions and projects across the North East of England. We have a longstanding partnership with the Newcastle Literary and Philosophical Society (Lit & Phil), and also work in Durham and Cumbria. If you think November Club could create a project for you, please get in touch.

Banner image © The Image Farm