Great North Explorers

Past Project
Great North Explorers
Pop up performances from a group of young explorers
The Great North Museum: Hancock
25 & 26 October, 2016

Tales of ceremonial masks, wild cattle, enchanted crystals, a make-up goddess and the afterlife - presented in poetry and performances by our intrepid team of young explorers from Heaton Manor School.

Artists, performers and museum staff helped the explorers bring the museum’s collection and its hidden stories to life in new and creative ways, whilst the group’s ‘Museum of Now’ provided a peek into the current lives of teenagers and what’s important to them now.

Produced by November Club in partnership with Great North Museum: Hancock, for Juice Festival 2016.

Photography: Phyllis Christopher

What people said

The project 'gave me the opportunity to look at the museum differently'

'I improved my artistic skills like my gesture, stance and sustaining of the role'

'It stretched my confidence and performance skills'

'We were treated like professionals'