Creative Journeys

Working with Newcastle Bridges School in partnership with Lit and Phil

Past Project
Creative Journeys
Creative Journeys invites students from Newcastle Bridges School to explore the beautiful building of the Lit & Phil and make creative responses.

Since 2016 November Club has been working with the Newcastle Bridges School in a partnership project with the Lit & Phil.
The project invites the students, who face complex life challenges, to explore the beautiful building of the Lit & Phil and make creative responses to what they experience. Working with lead artist Theresa Easton the young people have been involved in book making, clay sculptures, zines, paper sculptures and a series of photography work with Donna-Lisa Healy.

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The project aims to;

  • broaden pupils’ knowledge of Newcastle, its heritage and what it has to offer through creativity and stories;
  • engage young people with the Lit & Phil in terms of its building, the library, artistic activity, history and heritage;
  • offer experiences at the Lit & Phil working with professional artists from November Club which young people will benefit from throughout their lives and for the young people to enjoy themselves and broaden their way of thinking.

Students have produced work that was part of the ‘Imaginary Museum of the North’ project and we are currently producing a publication of the works of the young people to date. This project is running until end of February 2019.

What people said

“It’s been really good coming here. I am really interested in libraries now and will go and see other libraries. I liked doing the art, I hated art at school but doing it here has made me think about it differently.” 

Participant, Creative Journeys