November Club is one of eight  Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisations (NPO) in Northumberland, and one of 15 cultural organisations in receipt of regular funding from Northumberland County Council.

Our aim is to remove some of the barriers facing audiences, to allow them to enjoy a high-quality artistic experience. November Club is not venue-based. Our productions and projects take place in predominantly rural locations, in a range of venues or outdoor locations across Northumberland and the wider North East.

Everyone should have the opportunity for their lives to be enriched by high quality, fun and inspiring cultural activities. We embed our projects within the locations in which we work and engage people from diverse backgrounds to deliver the best possible experience, with great artistic quality, to our audiences and participants.

Over the past three years November Club has:

  • Reached an audience of over 17,100
  • Delivered 238 participation sessions with 5,642 engagements
  • Created installations at venues seen by an estimated 506,580 visitors
  • Given 52 performances
  • Worked with 11 schools and 15 community groups across the North East.

November Club is a registered charity. The public funding we receive only goes part of the way to allow us to deliver the work we do. We could not do what we do without the generous support of our corporate partners, funders and individual donors.

November Club is an ambitious company, we want to continue to grow, create and deliver more artistic projects and allow new audiences to benefit from and enjoy participating in the arts.