November Club was established over 15 years ago by Cinzia Hardy who pioneered the ground-breaking site-specific shows that have become central to November Club’s offer. In Autumn 2020, November Club appointed theatre director Joe Hufton to lead the organisation as Artistic Director and CEO into the next phase of its life.

November Club has always collaborated with freelance artists but has also had a core team of Associate Artists central to the projects and performances they make. Writer Fiona Ellis, musician Katie Doherty and designer Imogen Cloët have worked with Cinzia on over 30 productions and have helped establish the unique style and creativity of the company.

Over the years Fiona Ellis has worked closely with November Club to write and shape the narrative of many productions, including: Teacups, Zebras and Dancing Kaisers; Operation Pied Piper and Provocations & Revelations (all for National Trust Wallington); Dr Mullins’ Anatomy of the Theatre Royal (Theatre Royal, Newcastle); Reflections of Newcastle (The Literary & Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne); The Remarkable Dr McCavity and his Travelling Surgery (Street performances in Morpeth) and more recently Lost, Found and Told: New Audio Tales for Northumberland and Food and Feuds: Two Cooks of Hexham.

Imogen Cloët is an award-winning designer and visual artist based in Newcastle and has collaborated with November Club bringing her unique aesthetic to many, many interesting projects These include a series of works for Wallington Hall, The Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle, Seaton Delaval Hall, and a large scale project at Blickling Hall in Norfolk, to name but a few. Imogen also designed the award-winning musical Beyond the End of the Road and has worked more recently on Foods and Feuds: Two Cooks of Hexham.

Katie Doherty is an award-winning songwriter, based in Northumberland and is well known for her work with theatre, having composed the score for the award-winning rural touring musical Beyond the End of The Road as well as countless others for November Club, Northern Stage, and RSC to name a few. Katie recently composed and wrote the music for Lost, Found and Told: New Audio Tales for Northumberland.

Having worked with these incredible artists for over 10 years they are stepping down from their associate roles to pave the way for new artists in the North East. The company has now entered a new phase under the leadership of Joe Hufton, who is keen to develop links with creatives across the North East.

Joe said: “November Club’s team of Associate Artist’s deserve a huge amount of credit and recognition in the work they have done over the years bringing productions and projects to life. Fiona, Katie and Imogen are exceptional creatives, and it would be a privilege to continue to work with them as individual artists in a freelance role – this isn’t about closing the book on them.”

Joe added: “We rely on freelance artists and creatives at November Club and the projects we deliver can be so varied in terms of their form and location. I hope to widen the net of creative talent we work with here in the North East to help us build the company and help us deliver exceptional new work.”