Jane Holman and Pete Peverley developing creative ideas for a new Fairytale for NorthumberlandNovember Club is developing a brand-new family-friendly production ‘A New Fairytale for Northumberland’. Our final collection of new contemporary tales will be inspired by Northumberland’s heritage, landscape and traditions, telling a modern tale of the people, places and challenges facing our county today. 

Hannah Fox, Cinzia Hardy and Fiona Ellis working on the development of the new Fairytale for NorthumberlandAs part of the creative development of this new collection of fairytales, November Club has commissioned professional artists and musicians, led by Hannah Fox, to work with refugees now living in Northumberland to explore the themes of music and food through a series of workshops over the summer. 

The outcomes of the workshops could be showcased to a public audience (date and venue to be confirmed) and will contribute to the final collection of fairytales that will be performed across the county in 2020. 

Home From Away is supported by The Northumberland Cultural Fund, Northumberland County Council Refugee Service and Northumberland National Park Authority. 
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