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We will also send you an email within 4 days with a copy of the link to the project webpage, and some information about monitoring and evaluation. The email will come from [email protected] If the email doesn’t arrive in your inbox please check your junk/spam folders, just in case!

If you have signed up for the Discover Arts Award Package we’ll be in touch directly to arrange payment and distribution of the Arts Award Logs.

If you have any questions about this form or the project please contact Louise Taylor-Asheg, Participation Producer, on [email protected]

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Please note that before November Club can provide the Arts Award Logbooks we will require payment, receipt of a Purchase Order Notification OR a letter from a member of senior management committing to the expenditure and indicating when payment will be made.

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Terms & Conditions

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before submitting your registration form:

Storytelling Package

1. The personal data provided in the registration form will only be used for the purposes of administering the Digital Storytelling Project. All data will be stored securely in line with our Privacy and Data Protection Policies.

2. The Storytelling Package is FREE between January – March 2021. Schools will have access to a webpage containing:

- 5 online films
- 5 downloadable pdf activities
- Downloadable monitoring & evaluation framework & templates

3. The Lost, Found & Told Digital Storytelling Project will be hosted on the November Club website. Participating schools will have access until 31 March 2021

4. November Club will provide participating schools with the resources to evaluate the impact of the project on pupils’ emotional well-being, should they wish to do so. We ask that schools completing this evaluation share their findings with November Club to help us understand the full impact of the project and enable us to advocate for future funding.

5. November Club will require all participating schools to complete a monitoring and feedback questionnaire on completion of the project activities, so we can share engagement data with our funders and evaluate the service we provide.

Discover Arts Award Package

6. The Discover Arts Award Package is charged at £12 per pupil. And schools will receive:

Professionally printed logbook for each child
An Arts Award Guide for teaching staff
Arts Award Discover enrolment spreadsheet
Completion certificate from Trinity College London
Support from our Participation Producer via email, telephone or video call
Assessment and administration of the award by November Club.

7. Completion of the registration form will trigger November Club issuing an invoice for the amount due. If your school/LEA operates a Purchase Order system please contact us as soon as possible to make arrangements for necessary paperwork to be completed.

8. November Club reserves the right to withdraw access from the website if an invoice remains unpaid.

9. Schools participating in Arts Award Discover will be required to gather and share with November Club evidence of pupil’s participation in the project to meet Arts Award assessment criteria. This will take the form of photographs or videos. Further information will be provided in the Arts Award Guide, which will also include a consent form for parents/guardians to complete. If a pupil cannot be photographed for safeguarding reasons our Participation Producer will liaise with schools to identify alternative ways of evidencing their achievements.

10. Schools participating in Arts Award Discover will be required to complete an enrolment spreadsheet providing the name, date of birth, gender and ethnicity of each child. This information will be shared with Trinity College London for the purposes of administering and awarding the certificates. The consent form in the Arts Award Guide will request permission from parents/guardians for the information to be used for these purposes.

11. In accordance with the Consumer Contracts Regulations 2014, November Club will provide a 14-day cancellation period from the date of registration. Any unused logbooks must be returned to November Club at the cost of the school. Used or damaged logbooks will be charged at £5 each to cover the cost of replacement.


12. The copyright to this service is held by November Club, Fiona Ellis, Hannah Fox and Zoe Lambert. By signing up to this agreement, the copyright holders grant you the right to access the service, and any product associated with the service until 31 March 2021.