Fiona Ellis, Associate Writer

Fiona’s first theatre jobs were as a stage manager and occasional walk on actor at the New End and Orange Tree Theatres in London. She also spent time as a community arts worker in Hoxton and ran a rural arts centre in Wiltshire. But it was only when she came to Northumberland that she began writing for the theatre and then for November Club.

Over the years Fiona has worked closely with November Club to write and shape the narrative of many productions, including: Teacups, Zebras and Dancing Kaisers; Operation Pied Piper and Provocations & Revelations (all for National Trust Wallington); Dr Mullins’ Anatomy of the Theatre Royal (Theatre Royal, Newcastle); Reflections of Newcastle (The Literary & Philosophical Society of Newcastle upon Tyne); The Remarkable Dr McCavity and his Travelling Surgery (Street performances in Morpeth).