The German soldiers' motto was: 'Gott Mit Uns' (God is with us). The ever resourceful Tommy had his own version: We got mittens too!

On the front line momentous events are looming, behind the lines the 'Little Phils' Concert Party keep the troups entertained... back in Blighty those left behind work and wait - and are given the chance to keep up with fashion...

Based on a dramatic original text written by Head Librarian Kay Easson to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the end of the First World War, the production was inspired by the archives and collections housed at the Lit & Phil and the stories of the people who inhabited the buildings at that time – the members and the staff and those who fought at the front and those left behind.

In partnerships with Newcastle College and the cadet branch of the Northumbrian Territorial Army, We Got Mittens Too! was developed as a promenade performance that took place throughout the Lit & Phil and Mining Institute, following a period of research and development in Ypres, Belgium.

With 18 performances over a two week period, every audience member had a different experience and took away different stories and memories. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive including those from young people who attended as part of Juice Festival. 

Supported by:
Northern Rock Foundation, Heritage Lottery Fund, NewcastleGateshead Initiative, Newcastle City Council, The Sir James Knott Trust and Northern Stage.

Research and development supported by Arts Council England.

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