Dr McCavity, November Club’s very own Quack Dentist, made his way through the streets of Morpeth with his remarkable mobile surgery. Accompanied by his glamorous assistant Ginger Vitis, Dr McCavity takes us back to the nineteenth century when quackery of all kinds was commonplace.

experienced his tooth-drawing skills, whilst he regales you with details from his travels across North East England. If you’re fortunate you’ll be given a very special prescription, in rhyme, to mark the 50th birthday of the Northern Poetry Library.

Written by Fiona Ellis   
Directed by Cinzia Hardy   
Designed by Imogen Cloet
Photography Jason Thompson
The Remarkable Dr McCavity
Part of Great Northumberland 2018 - 56 days of free arts, culture and heritage events in Northumberland.  
Supported by Northumberland County Council.

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