The subtitle of this performance was ‘Unfolding Wallington’ as it aimed to give glimpses into the historic house and the extraordinary family who lived there.

When researching the show, we found so many stories that we decided to give the audiences glimpses which would then stimulate more questions and interest.

Each group of sixty guests was divided into three parties of twenty people who each experienced one of three distinctive and intimate tours. The ropes that usually stand between guests and the rest of the rooms were taken down so the audience could become guests of the house and its unusual family. Audiences encountered some of the guests of the socialist MP Sir Charles Philips Trevelyan, from George Bernard Shaw to Gertrude Bell and Sybil Thorndike.
Teacups - Katie Doherty as Lady Molly. © Topher McGrillis
The last child of Sir Charles and Lady Mary Trevelyan lived in an apartment in the West Wing at Wallington until recently. Patricia Trevelyan, who died in June 2013 at the age of 98, was a great supporter of the performance, as was her daughter Janet Hall who took part in the show (playing herself).

I hope you are all massively proud.  Last night was as good as it gets in terms of visitor experience - not just in the Trust - but anywhere.  The house was completely alive - and the people I spoke to didn't just say it was good - they said it was remarkable.  Working with the November Club was a really brave decision - and I know it has involved lots of work - but it was definitely worth it - what you've done is ground breaking - and I'll do everything I can to ensure you get the recognition you deserve.  Audience member 

 Teacups - Janet Hall, one of Sir Charles Trevelyans grand daughters, with guests. © Topher McGrillis

I am still thinking about it, trying to express to myself what it was that made it so wonderful. I have definitely never experienced anything like it before - except perhaps other November Club productions.  Part of it is that everything, every part of what you experience is so imaginatively done and so well done.  And part of it is that, like all great art, it made you aware at some deep level of what you could be… It’s a work of real genius.  Audience member


Text development  Fiona Ellis
Director - Cinzia Hardy
Design & Costume - Imogen Cloet 
Soundscapes and Original Music - Katie Doherty 
Creative Associate - Maurice O’Connell 
Lighting Design - Kevin Tweedy 
Production Management - Zoe Bottrell, Culture Creative 
Costume Supervisor - Joy Sanders 
Costume Assistant - Kate Eccles 
Graphic & Website Designer - Julia Dobson 
Website - John Stafford, ThreadMedia 
Box Office - Helen Sheerman, Culture Creative 
Project Assistant  - Louise Tarrant 


Production - Richard Agar
Installation - Viv Anderson
Scenic Artist (Attics) - Alan Wood
Floor Manager - Christine Plumme
Technical installation and lighting  -Hi Lights


Ben Martin- TeacupsNarrator
Zoe Lambert- Zebras Narrator
Joy Sanders -Kaisers Narrator

Victoria Gibson-Gertrude Bell
David Robson-Fattuh
Richard Bliss - Sir Charles Trevelyan
Katie Doherty -Lady Molly Trevelyan, Teacups
Sally Collett - Lady Molly Trevelyan, Zebras
Kirsty McClure -The People’s Theatre
James Regan - Labour Party Rep/Sir Lewis Casson
Alexandra Ferries Reina - Labour Party Rep/Dame Sybil Thorndike
Allie Garside - Cambo WI/Edith Bulmer
Louise Tarrant - Marjorie Trevelyan
Charlotte Sisson -Violet Skipsey
Jacob Anderton – Joseph Newbigen
Dale Jewitt - James Lees-Milne
Margy Tasker Brown - Miss Prestwich, known as Booa
Richard Thompson - Ned Pearson
Linda Thompson - Mary Smith
Charlie Moon - Emily Lee
Janet Hall as herself


Amanda Hepburn 
Mat Watson 
Dot Holder
David Weissand
Judith Byrne
Sheena Wilkinson
Margaret Tait
Chris Bates
Dorrie Cookson
Kathleen Neri
Ken Haynes
Eileen Robson
Dot Downey
Ann Bain
Sylvia Herrick
Jacqueline Rutherford
Ellena Leatherland
Gillian Mason
Alex Reid Milligan


Charlie Capps
Bertie Hinson
Isabella Redmayne
Emma Cowie
Rebecca Moon


Katie Doherty - Vocals & Piano
Paul Knox - Fiddle & Northumbrian Pipes
Ruth Ball - Fiddle
James Boyle -Fiddle & Melodeon 

Wallington Pipers:

Frances Dower
Gil Sergeant
Sue Hofmann
Andrew Davison
Nicola Davison
Ann Sessoms
Anne Dolphin
Dorothy Cragg
Kit Pumphrey
Hilary & Sara Paton
Louise Woodman
Nick Leeming
Marian Downs
Michael Ratliff 

Supported by National Trust and Arts Council England 

Banner image © Topher McGrillis

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