November Club were commissioned by National Trust, Wallington on the back of a long-standing and successful partnership to create a series of pop up theatre performances across the house and grounds in June 2018.

The purpose; to mark the 50th anniversary of Sir Charles Phillips Trevelyan gifting the entire Wallington Estate to the National Trust. In 1936 this caused quite a stir, as he was one of the very first to bequeath an entire country house estate to the Trust. His generous gift resulted in numerous press articles about the scandal and this coverage formed the inspiration for the piece.

In June 2018, a group of timeless journalists descended on Wallington, each with their own angles and in search of details to write their special features. During three weekends in June, visitors to Wallington encountered the journalists both in the Hall and around the grounds. They also had the opportunity to visit the Press Station to review the original articles from the 1930s.

November Club created a series of playlets would take place around the grounds and in the Hall. Each lasting around 5 minutes the pop up performances took place throughout the day, with a musical finale in the Central Hall at the end of the day.

"The playlets worked very well and packed a lot of very complicated information into bite-sized and really engaging conversations and stories." Gillian Mason, Visitor Experience Manager at Wallington

Provocations and Revelations was a November Club Production commissioned by National Trust. 

Written by Fiona Ellis
Directed by Cinzia Hardy
Designed by Imogen Cloët
Musical arrangements by Phil Corbitt and the ensemble
Cast: Jane Holman, Laura Rea, Pete Peverley, Calum Howard, Phil Corbitt and Zoe Lambert.
Provocations & Revelations

Journal Culture Awards Finalist 2019  
Images: The Image Farm.

Banner image © The Image Farm


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