The Novocastrian Philosophers’ Club was created as an extraordinary theatrical journey of exploration around the hidden world of Newcastle’s historic Literary and Philosophical Society and the neighbouring Mining Institute. The project aimed to challenge preconceptions of the organisation and to open up a new understanding and recognition of the Lit and Phil’s continuing tradition as a North East hub for philosophical, cultural and scientific debate.

The production was a promenade performance for small groups of 15 at a time. Taken on a tour through the building, the audience became members of the Club and were introduced to a world where books came to life, paintings seemed to speak and an explorer re-emerged from a forgotten century to fall in love with a librarian.

The performance was created in response to archival material, the people who inhabit the institutions and of course the buildings themselves. The production opened as part of Newcastle’s Heritage Open Days 2007 programme.

"For those who see it, this show will be the talking point for years to come."
The Journal

"In simplistic terms, The Novocastrian Philosophers’ Club is a tale of derring-do, love and romance, all set in the surprisingly fevered Lit & Phil. But, taking the form of a guided tour, the small audience is privy to one of the most multi-layered (philosophically and literally) productions the region has seen for some time."
The Metro, Newcastle upon Tyne

Supported by:
Northern Rock Foundation, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Newcastle City Council, The Sir James Knott Trust, and Northern Stage

Booking for this event has now closed.