Lost Found and Told is a collection of seven original short stories written by Fiona Ellis, set in the border county of Northumberland in North East England.

With original music and traditional tunes woven throughout, they are tales of losing and finding, of courage - the false and the true kinds, of love and kindness in unexpected places, and of the strength and resilience of Northumberland. They are not true and yet they are all true, as stories with magic always are.

Lost Found and Told promises to enchant and captivate the whole family. Listen at home in the comfort of your living room, close your eyes and you will be transported to the landscape that inspired the tales and the characters you will encounter. Or, grab your headphones and head to the heart of Northumberland, and walk and listen to the tales right where the action happens. This works for some of the stories better than others.

Although each story stands alone, four of the tales are linked together by events and characters (marked with a *) - but you don’t have to listen to them one after another, so we have split them up for you. That means that if an ending worries you – something lost; will it be found? people parted; will they be reunited? – just wait for the next episode of that tale and … Well, we won’t spoil the surprise for you.

We hope you enjoy these tales as much as we did creating them.

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We've created a few short trailers from the collection of tales to give you a little taster of what to expect. 

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The Tales 

How the Forest came to be (*)

Running time 11mins 38
Set in Kielder Forest
Read by Zoe Lambert

Have you ever wondered why, and more importantly how, a forest and lake were created in a remote part of Northumberland?

Kindness to Strangers

Running time 14mins 10
Set in Amble
Read by Janine Birkett

Amble is known as The Friendliest Port. Will it welcome Jameela after her long and dangerous journey from a land far away to the shores of Northumberland?

The Boy in the Tower Part 1 (*)

Running time 7mins 45
Set in a Pele Tower in Northumberland
Read by Zoe Lambert

Locked in an old Pele Tower, a boy is alone and curious to explore the stunning world outside his window.

The Boy in the Tower Part 2 (*)

Running time 10mins 21
Set in a Pele Tower in Northumberland
Read by Zoe Lambert

One day two brothers pass and hearing the boy's cries they vow to help him.

The Brag, the Wish and the Wall

Running time 7mins 49
Set on Hadrian’s Wall
Read by Janine Birkett

Once upon a time the Wall was a Wall and a real border. To the north it was somewhat Scottish and to the south it was somewhat Roman. What happens when they clash? Make a wish.

Dutch Courage (*)

Running time 12mins 05
Set in a bothy near Hepple
Read by Zoe Lambert

Sometimes, we all need a bit of Dutch courage – even in Northumberland?

The Fisherman and his Wife

Running time 16mins 36
Set at sea, somewhere near Greenland, Berwick upon Tweed and Haltwhistle.
Read by Phil Corbitt

Why would a sea-loving fisherman from Berwick come to live in Haltwhistle, about as far from the coast as possible?

Back to the Forest (*)

Running time 10mins 12
Set at Kielder
Read by Zoe Lambert

It’s 16 years since the flooding of the valley. Is everyone happy? If not can they be?

She is
Running time 4mins 55
Performed by Jane Wade (Lead Vocals) and The Company

The full collection lasts 1 hour 34 minutes.  

Lost Found and Told is suitable for children age 8+ but younger (and older!) family members will enjoy listening to the tales as well. 

Thanks to funding from Great Northumberland, we have been able to translate one of the tales 'Kindness to Strangers' into Arabic. This version is available here. Kindness to strangers is an original story by Fiona Ellis, translated by Firas Allouzi and read by Khalil Abdulrahman.

"How I loved entering November Club's finely drawn world of Northumbrian storytelling, legend, and music, brought so beautifully to life through brilliantly atmospheric performances, set within a sound scape so definitive, you can actually feel it ! What a unique way to escape (for an hour or so) these increasingly restricted times! A 'Sherazade' from the North!"

Paul Herriott, Broadcaster for RTE Lyric fm Radio

The making of Lost Found and Told 

On Wednesday 16 December 2020, we held our first live streamed event with the makers of Lost, Found and Told. You can watch or listen back to their discussion, whether you have listened to the tales or not... View here. 

The Credits 

Lost, Found and Told is inspired by traditional fairy tales and draws on the rich heritage and landscape of Northumberland. Originally conceived as a live performance, Covid-19 restrictions has transformed it into an audio production. We would like to acknowledge the many contributions from local people living across Northumberland, as well as those of actors, musicians, traditional dancers and puppeteers who contributed to the development of the concept from the outset.

Images of Zoe Lambert, Khalil Abdulrahman and Katie Doherty in the recording studio

Writer: Fiona Ellis
Composer: Katie Doherty
Director: Cinzia Hardy
Sound Designer: Matthew Tuckey
Assistant Sound Designer: Corrie Livesey
Production Manager: Simon Henderson
Graphics: Hannah Fox 

Narrators: Janine Birkett, Phil Corbitt, Zoe Lambert, Jane Wade


Jane Wade sings She is
Ella Smith sings The Boy in the Tower
Khalil Abdulrahman (Tambur in Kindness to Strangers )
Lawrence Neale (Drums and Bodhran in Kindness to Strangers)
Andy May (Northumbrian Pipes in She is

Recorded at The Old Church Studio, Thropton

She is and The Boy in the Tower: Original songs composed by Katie Doherty PRS/MCPS and supported by the PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund for Organisations  

Greenland Whale Fishery Trad. Arr. By The Company
Felton Lonnen Trad. Arr. By The Company
The Collier’s Rant Trad. Arr. By The Company
Traditional Kurdish melodies arranged by Khalil Abdulrahman

A special thanks to Adam Forster (The Old Church Studio, Thropton) and Amanda Drago (Green Croft on the Wall) for their help during the recording process.

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Our Funders

Lost Found and Told: New Audio Tales for Northumberland is supported by Arts Council England, Northumberland County Council, Great Northumberland 2020, Discover our Land, Blyth Town Council, The Joicey Trust, The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust and PRS Foundation's The Open Fund for Organisations.

School Digital Storytelling Project 

How the Forest Came to Be is a digital project supporting the emotional wellbeing and resilience of KS2 pupils through storytelling and creative activities. The story is one of the tales featured in Lost, Found and Told; New Audio Tales for Northumberland and was created during the first lockdown. For more information please visit our participation page here. 

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