A New Fairytale for Northumberland - People on an imaginary boat.. © Jason Thompson, Sound Ideas MediaA new collection of local stories inspired by traditional fairytales. 

We invited families across Northumberland to join us for an exclusive showcase of A Night of New Fairytales for Northumberland. We asked audiences to sit back and experience the magic of our county, its people and challenges brought to life through puppetry and performance, music and wonder.

Inspired by traditional fairytales we created three new stories drawing on the rich heritage, landscape and tradition of Northumberland. The stories were How Kielder Forest Came To Be, Kindness to Strangers and Why is the Coast so Craggy?

A New Fairytale for Northumberland - The hob blackmailing a lady. © Jason Thompson, Sound Ideas Media

During the development phase of A Night of New Fairytales for Northumberland we took ideas from a range of local individuals and worked with actors, musicians, traditional dancers and puppeteers to develop the fairytales.

Co Artistic Director - Cinzia Hardy
Co Artistic Director and Artist - Hannah Fox
Writer - Fiona Ellis

Zoe Lambert
Jane Holman
Pete Peverley
Lawrence Neale
Elijah Young
Khalil Abdulrahman

Additional artists involved in planning work:
Laura Connelly
Shane Connelly
Laura Rea
Joe Fleming

Supported by:
Northumberland County Council
Arts Council England
Northumberland National Park Authority

Thanks also to Tarset Village Hall committee for all their support, to the families of Blyth and Amble who we worked with over the summer of 2019 to develop these three tales and all the individuals who gave their time in the Spring 2019 to discuss their thoughts about Northumberland.

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A Night of New Fairytales for Northumberland

Banner image © Jason Thompson, Sound Ideas Media

Booking for this event has now closed.