What is it that you love most about Northumberland?

This is YOUR chance to tell us and help our associate artist, singer/songwriter Katie Doherty with a new song we have commissioned her to write about our beautiful county.

What would you say on a postcard to “Dear Northumberland”?

View of Bamburgh Castle on a postcard

Tell us in a few words in the comments box at the bottom of the page (click on the comments link to read other comments) - you can also add an image that sums up why Northumberland is so dear to you - and Katie will incorporate your words into a new song about Northumberland to be performed and recorded in September 2020. The song will feature in our new production Lost, Found and Told: New Tales of Northumberland.

View of Sycamore Gap at Hadrians Wall on a postcard

Please post your words by Friday 24th July 2020. ***PLEASE NOTE THIS HAS NOW CLOSED***

A selection of your responses will be displayed in an online postcard gallery on this page shortly after the deadline, so do come back and see what people have written.

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Lost, Found and Told: New Tales of Northumberland is supported by PRS Foundation’s The Open Fund.