On Saturday 12 June, a group of six young people met at Woodhorn Museum to meet some of the creative team involved in Repeat Signal, a brand new site-specific play by Tatty Hennessy. 

Rehearsal Room with two actors, Director and young people sat on chairs

The group have met previously over zoom, with the writer Tatty, to share their experiences of heritage and local culture to help inform the script. They have also been involved in a script read through with Tatty and were given the opportunity to comment and feedback.

“I certainly loved being involved with the team again. All the participants in the workshop were absolutely creative and I enjoyed listening to their amazing ideas. I believe that we did a great job on the first workshop and I am looking forward to the rest of the project.”

Khalil Abdulrahman

The site visit was a chance for them to see some of play in rehearsals, with Director Joe Hufton, as well as experience the museum and see some of the places the filming will take place.   

“We were happy that Tatty liked our imagination and ideas. It was good to meet other people our age and to practise speaking English.”

Amira & Ahmad 

“This project is unlike any other! Meeting Tatty and other young people to discuss ideas was some of the best fun I'd had in ages. Our imaginations were opened, and it made me extremely excited for surrounding myself in culture like museums and theatres when we are able to.”

Rosie Bowden

The group were keen to meet the cast of Repeat Signal, Jake Jarrett and Sulin Hasso, Rosie was happy being spokesperson and created this 14 minute interview for us. 

Hope you enjoy...

Repeat Signal will be streaming to audiences across the UK from 17-27 June, and is free. The performance includes English and Arabic captioning, and the performances from 24-27 June include BSL interpretation and audio description. 

Registration is required via: https://register.novemberclub.org.uk