The culmination of our Repeat Signal young people project was to bring everyone together for a zoom watch party! The young people have been involved with creative writing workshops with Tatty Hennessy, had a site visit to Woodhorn Museum and were given the opportunity to see a rehearsal and meet the cast and Director. 

We thought we'd put them on the spot and ask what they thought of the final show... 

“I thought it was brilliant. I really, really enjoyed it. I thought it had such a nice mix of the friendship, but then there was the tension build up, which really hooked me, I was really hooked with that. And then also how it all came together at the end, there was the connection of telling people’s stories in a museum but also telling the stories of the people who weren’t in their lives at that time.”

RosieA young woman and man sit laughing

“I really liked it. There was everything you need to watch in one film. There was some funny bits, and some tension, and some sad moments. Everything was in these 35 minutes, so I really liked it.”


  • Did you feel a personal connection to a character or their stories. Did they feel like they were very relevant?

“I would definitely say so. Coming from the North East, and having that pride for the North East. And unfortunately I lost a friend at a young age and I thought the way he was talking about Eddie felt very real and very similar to my own experiences. And it made me smile, recognising that in him.”

RosieRehearsal Room with two actors, Director and young people sat on chairs

“I felt related with Bibi, and how she left the country and she is here in Ashington, but her thinking and her mind’s still with her family and she wants to show them what she’s seeing. I feel we’ve experienced it all, so I felt really related to her and her story.”


“When we were talking together and we had little ideas, I didn’t think about it as a big deal, okay I say the word and it might not be a completely story. But when you see people acting them in front of you, that’s a really nice feeling you get.”


  • What would you say to your friends or family about why they should watch Repeat Signal?

“It’s told locally, but it’s a universal story, is why it’s really appealing to me.”


“For my family who are not here, I would recommend it to them, because I want to show them what I’m feeling, and they will be able to see that through Bibi.”Colliery at Woodhorn Museum


Repeat Signal is available to view until Sunday 27 June. The performance includes the option to view with British Sign Language or Audio Description. 

It is free, but booking is essential. 

Repeat Signal is a new site-specific play by Tatty Hennessy. It follows the story of two teenagers as they sneak into a museum after hours. 

Recommended viewing 12+, contains references to grief and loss some viewers may find upsetting.