Cambois Creates is the start of a new two year partnership between November Club and The Institute. Our aim is to work together with the local community and create something really special and memorable in the area. 

Over the Jubilee weekend we held our first drop-in session to introduce ourselves and find out more about how you can get involved. In case you missed it and would still like to get involved this is your chance. 

We asked a number of questions which people responded to on post-it notes in the room. If you'd like to add your comments we'd love to hear from you, answer as many questions as you can in the comments below or feel free to drop us an email [email protected] 

Post-it notes on a white large piece of paper under the heading Activity Selection of post it notes on white paper


  • What are the key landmarks in Cambois?
  • What is your favourite spot in Cambois? 


  • What items, objects or images symbolise the area for you?
  • If you could save one memory or story about Cambois for future generations what would it be?
  • Is there anything about Cambois' history you'd like to know more about? 


  • If you could suggest an activity for the community to enjoy together what would it be? This can be as wild as you like! 
  • Are there any skills you'd like to learn? What are they?
  • Do you have any skills you'd be interested in sharing with others? What are they? 

Cambois Creates is supported by Arts Council England, Northumberland County Council and Community Foundation.