Set against the backdrop of Byker this powerful new play, HERE, by Lindsay Rodden is about finding sanctuary in the unlikeliest of places.

We sent our Young Associate, Khalil to watch the show and share his views. Khalil arrived in Northumberland three years ago with his family, from Syria and has worked with November Club on a number of projects. He has been instrumental in promoting our work to Kurdish and Arabic communities. 

HERE is part of The Arriving Project – Curious Monkey’s ongoing work with people seeking sanctuary in the UK, who have come from all over the world. 

I have watched the play it was very interesting and from a different point of view.

I loved the Kurdish character and how he explained and said "people with their own language, food and culture are still invisible", not only the Kurds I am sure that there are more people who are invisible and the world needs to pay a little bit of attention to see what these people have and can offer to the world.

I found it very useful to see a Kurdish character in this play as they are quite a big number living in the UK and as it might help people know more about the Kurds and in general it might save me from people's questions like what is Kurdish? or where is Kurdistan? I find it difficult to answer as I don't know where to start from😅.

Over all the play had some funny bits too, like the Kurdish greeting 'Ser çava (above my eyes)".

Thank you very much for the recommendation and for the ticket too. I really enjoyed watching it.


A Curious Monkey & Northern Stage & Newcastle Uni

Written by Lindsay Rodden | Directed by Amy Golding

For more information on Curious Monkey and the Arriving Project click here.