Dear Friends...

As 2020 comes to an end so does my time with November Club. It’s been a wonderful action-filled journey with so many highlights and memories along the way. Thank you to everyone who was able to join me at the Lit & Phil on Wednesday evening (16th December) for our first ever live-streamed event. What a send-off you gave me! Full of warmth and generosity and your comments on the chat and through personal pre-recorded messages brought tears to my eyes.

If you missed the proceedings and would like to see it, the recording is here:

I leave November Club knowing that it is in the very safe hands of Joe Hufton. I am not moving away nor am I retiring … just in case any of you thought that I was. “You’re far too young,” I hear you cry! I look forward to seeing you all somewhere, sometime, in the not too distant future I hope, as I pop up unexpectedly … who knows where?

Until then, I wish you a very happy and peaceful Christmas.

If you’d like to hear a reprise of the hilarious song ‘The Cinzia Things’ sung by Jane Wade, Zoe Lambert, Katie Doherty and Phil Corbitt, see below.


Warm wishes

Cinzia x

The Cinzia Things
Written by: Fiona Ellis
Melody by: Rodgers and Hammerstein
Arranged and performed by: Katie Doherty
Vocals: Zoe Lambert, Jane Wade, Phil Corbitt.