Now you can access a lot of our work digitally, from the comfort of your own home...

Food and Feuds: Two Cooks of Hexham
Available On Demand | £10
Directed by Cinzia Hardy | Written by Fiona Ellis | Designed by Imogen Cloët

It was amazing to be in front of a live audience again and to finally share Food and Feuds with you. Thank you to all of you who watched in person or via our livestream.

We are happy to announce our recording of the show is now available to buy and watch On Demand. Simply click on the link below and you will be taken to our website for payment. You will then be sent a You Tube link to watch as many times as you like - whenever you like!

Food and Feuds is an imaginary time-travelling performance, bringing together historical cookery book writers Hannah Glasse and Ann Cook. The bitter disagreement between Hannah and Ann is being laid bare for modern ears in a unique theatrical experience, compared by the brilliant Esther Blumenberry.

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Lost, Found and Told; New Audio Tales for Northumberland
Download or memory sticks available | £10
Written by Fiona Ellis | Directed by Cinzia Hardy | Compsed by Katie Doherty | Sound Designer Matthew Tuckey

Lost Found and Told is a collection of seven original short stories written by Fiona Ellis, set in the border county of Northumberland in North East England. They were created in lockdown and would make a unique gift idea this Christmas. They are available to download via streaming platform Bandcamp or to buy as a memory stick. 

With original music and traditional tunes woven throughout, they are tales of losing and finding, of courage - the false and the true kinds, of love and kindness in unexpected places, and of the strength and resilience of Northumberland. They are not true and yet they are all true, as stories with magic always are.

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Repeat Signal
Available for free on demand
Written by Tatty Hennessy | Directed by Joe Hufton

In June 2021, November Club produced a new piece of site-specific theatre, by award-winning writer Tatty Hennessy, staged at Woodhorn Museum. This new, innovative piece of theatre, directed by Joe Hufton is now available free of charge, to audiences across the country, sharing a truly local story to a national audience.

When two teenagers sneak into a museum at night to make a film, they find more than they bargained for...

Repeat Signal is available until the end of the year, don't miss out on this unique experience.

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