Provocations and Revelations!

Time Tests Faith: 50 years of the National Trust at Wallington

Past Production
Provocations and Revelations!
In 1936 Sir Charles Philips Trevelyan announced his intention to gift the entire Wallington Estate to The National Trust.
Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 June 

Saturday 16 and Sunday 17 June 

Saturday 23 and Sunday 24 June

This caused quite a stir with the press at the time as he was one of the very first to bequeath an entire country house estate to the National Trust, although it didn’t become the property of the Trust until 1968.

Today, a group of timeless journalists have descended upon Wallington, looking for story ideas and details to write special features for their papers and magazines, to celebrate – and question – the handover. You will encounter them both indoors and out. All you need is a map – available from the Visitors Centre when you come in – and you’re off...listen in on some of their conversations and feel free to have your say.

Six playlets of approximately 5 mins each will be performed throughout the day at indoor and outdoor settings. Use the map to decide who you will encounter first!

A press station has been set up in the Visitor Centre by the car park. Do drop in.

Provocations & Revelations is a November Club Production commissioned by National Trust.

Written by Fiona Ellis

Directed by Cinzia Hardy

Designed by Imogen Cloët

Musical arrangements by Phil Corbitt and the ensemble.

Our Reporters:
Camilla Money-Potts

Features Editor of The Lady of the House, a new ‘in house’ magazine for Westminster, combining the best features of Country life, Tatler and The Spectator. Played by Jane Holman.

Verity Smithson-Smythson

Trainee Journalist with the above and with a side-line in photography. Played by Laura Rae.

Frankie Gilson

News, gardening and sport Columnist for the Hexham Raisin. Played by Pete Peverley.

Martin Higginbottom

Reporter for the Red Flag Daily Press. Played by Calum Howard.

Joe Schwarzman

Foreign Correspondent of the International Eagle and Tribune. Played by Phil Corbitt.

Marjorie Joyful

News Editor for How do you do?, the magazine for the thinking gossip. Played by Zoe Lambert.


What people said

I think the playlets worked very well and packed a lot of very complicated information into some bite-size and really engaging conversations and stories.

Gillian Mason, Visitor Experience at Wallington