The Imaginary Museum of the North

At the Lit & Phil, Newcastle

Past Production
The Imaginary Museum of the North
The Imaginary Museum of the North is a collaboration between the Lit & Phil, November Club, Museums Northumberland and Newcastle Bridges School.
23 June – 8 September

The Imaginary Museum celebrates Newcastle’s first Museum which was in the Lit & Phil.The Lit & Phil was established 225 years ago and soon became the place to send interesting artefacts from all over the world. The collection continued to expand, first into the Newcastle Museum, purpose built behind the Lit & Phil, and in 1884 into what we now know as The Great North Museum: Hancock.

It’s hard to imagine how exciting this must have been for the people of the North East; seeing objects that they may never have heard of before. We hope to recreate this feeling! Follow a trail and discover the stories behind the Museum’s weird and wonderful objects, from a giant octopus, some cloth used to wrap a Mummy, to burnt toast…..

Find out what young people today want to put in their own Imaginary Museum, and make your own suggestions.

Every Saturday guided tours will unwrap, week by week, a mysterious parcel sent to the Librarian from New South Wales. Saturday morning tours will take place at 10.30am from 23 June to 8 September. The tours are FREE and form part of the Great Exhibition of the North Inspired By Programme. 

Supported by the Sir James Knott Trust.

The Imaginary Museum of the North at the Lit & Phil,
23 Westgate Road, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1SE.