Dr Mullins' Anatomy of the Theatre Royal

Past Production
Dr Mullins' Anatomy of the Theatre Royal
A promenade performance at Newcastle’s Theatre Royal.
Theatre Royal, Newcastle upon Tyne
April 2013, October/November 2013

Dr Mullins was inspired by the true story of a performing elephant, Mademoiselle d’Jeck, who appeared in The Elephant of Siam and the Fire Fiend at the old Theatre Royal in Mosley Street in 1830.  Mmlle d’Jeck was put on trial after crushing her keeper to death during their journey to Newcastle and let off with a fine of 5 shillings because of his cruelty.  Unusually for November Club, this production took place in a traditional theatre although the action took place everywhere but the stage!  The extraordinary story is told through the stories of Billy (a messenger), his girlfriend Rose and the diva-like actress Miss Fanny Montmorency.

The successful original production was reworked later that year with a younger audience in mind as Dr Mullins and the Case of the Elephant in the Dock.  November Club enlisted the help of pupils from Walkergate Primary School in Newcastle who worked with actors over several weeks.  The reworked show was then produced as part of the Juice Festival.

Written By Fiona Ellis
Directed By Cinzia Hardy
Designed By Imogen Cloet
Music By Katie Doherty

Supported By
Anatomy: Theatre Royal, Lit & Phil, ACE
Dock: Theatre Royal, Juice Festival, Sir James Knott Trust

Topher McGrillis

What people said

‘Friday’s performance was brilliant and the information handed out at the end really interesting. For me, November Club’s performances really make history interesting and accessible in a fun and entertaining way. You always get more than a performance.’

‘I would like to thank and congratulate the cast and crew on an incredible piece of entertainment - we can't stop talking about it! Exciting, interesting and beautifully put together’

‘It is a great piece of theatre that engaged people in a different way – intimate, funny and clever.’

‘I loved it - very evocative and magical. Really gave a presence of the elephant, and history - which was extraordinary!’

‘It was very original, entertaining and great to see behind the scenes. Nice for my daughter to take part.’

‘Excellent for children as it encouraged imagination and develops confidence in public speaking.’

‘Superb. Brilliantly acted. Excellent interactive play. Well done!’

‘It was really interesting, different, interactive, more memorable. Thank you’