November Club is fundraising to get Foods and Feuds: Two Cooks of Hexham on the road in 2020. 

The work-in-progress performances at Queens Hall Arts in Hexham and Blackfriars Cookery School in Newcastle received great reviews and we are fundraising now to allow us to tour this amazing production.

Foods and Feuds tells the tale of Hannah Glasse, probably the most successful and least known cookbook author for lived in Hexham. The imaginary time travelling gathering, brings together Glasse, Ann Cook (Glasse’s sworn enemy and rival) and Isabella Beeton together, to cook whilst they talk about their hopes and dreams from conflict to sisterhood.

Written by Fiona Ellis and presented in association with Queen's Hall Arts, Hexham and Blackfriars Restaurant, Newcastle.

Directed by: Cinzia Hardy
Design by: Imogen Cloët
Cast: Kathryn Beaumont, Judi Earl, Jackie Phillips