A Lit and Phil Carol A Lit & Phil Carol imagines a world without imagination and creativity… the importance of reading… and freedom of thought.

Our Head Librarian ‘Compendium’ wants to get rid of all the books in the library. Only science and rational thinking exist in his world. What use is imagination and creativity anyway? His two assistants ‘George and Frank’ are worried and they appeal to the people of Newcastle to help them stop this happening and show Compendium the error of his ways and to convince him to change his mind.

Drawing on some of the themes of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, groups from across Newcastle will work with musician Katie Doherty, actors Jake Jarrett and Zoe Lambert and artists Imogen Cloët and Bethan Maddocks. Each will have a bespoke project, with the end results coming together as part of a showcase and sharing event for the groups and their families in The Lit & Phil library on Wednesday 4 December.

George and Frank will ask the pupils of Broadwood Primary School for their help. Working with Northern Stars Production at Tyneside Cinema, the children will receive a series of films – each with a task for them to complete in their classroom. The pupils will be invited to the Lit & Phil, to meet George and Frank who will take them on a tour of the library and share their dilemma with Compendium. The children will be tasked with coming up with a new song, working with Katie Doherty, that might help to persuade Compendium to stop selling off the library’s books and music collection. Other activities will include; creating a wanted poster and poetry writing.

Search Newcastle provide services and activities for older people in the West of Newcastle. November Club will work with two of their groups through A Lit and Phil Carol. Katie Doherty will work with the Ukulele Group to learn the new song written by the young children and the two groups will come together at the Lit & Phil to perform the song together ahead of the showcase event in December. The Knitting Group will create pompoms and extraordinary scarves to decorate the busts around the library.

A Lit and Phil CarolWe’re delighted to be working once again with young people from Newcastle Bridges School. The focus of their task will be on the supernatural and ghosts. The group will visit the Lit & Phil to explore and have a ghostly tour led by George and Frank. They will discover the paranormal collection at the library and also learn some simple magic tricks. Katie Doherty will also work with them at school to develop some spooky soundscapes that will be placed into objects such as books, suitcases etc. Members of the Junior Youth Group at Northbourne Youth Initiative will also work with Katie and visual artist Bethan Maddocks, creating soundscapes and pop-up sound books inspired by the Lit & Phil’s Children’s Collection.

Everything created as part of the enrichment programme will come together for the sharing event on Wednesday 4 December in a fabulous celebration and showcase of the work.

A Lit & Phil Carol is supported by Newcastle Vision for Culture Fund, Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation and The Foyle Foundation.

Lit & Phil Carol Enrichment Programme 2019