A site-specific play by Tatty Hennessy
Available on demand to audiences across the UK.

In June 2021, November Club produced a new piece of site-specific theatre, by award-winning writer Tatty Hennessy, staged at Woodhorn Museum. This new, innovative piece of theatre, directed by Joe Hufton is now available free of charge, to audiences across the country, sharing a truly local story to a national audience.

When two teenagers sneak into a museum at night to make a film, they find more than they bargained for.

Bibi, recently arrived in Ashington, is an aspiring film maker, taking her phone all over the county, making films to capture what her new life in Northumberland is like, and to send to her brother back home.

Lucas wants to make sure she’s getting his home county right, not just the castles and coastline but the real things that made it. And so, one night he sneaks her into his favourite museum, for an up close, behind the scenes look at his town’s past. The perfect setting for the ultimate video.

But there’s someone – something – else in the museum tonight. Something from the past. And it’s not staying quiet.

Suitable to audiences ages 12+. This piece contains references to death.

We also have captioning available in Arabic and English.

Young man at night in front of pit wheel

Writer Tatty Hennessy
Director Joe Hufton
Creative Producer Lizzie Vogler
Filmography Meerkat Films
Sound Designer Matthew Tuckey
Cast Sulin Hasso and Jake Jarrett
Photography Jason Thompson
Vocal Eyes BSL
Arabic Captioning Firas Allouzi
Special thanks to Liz Ritson and the team at Woodhorn Museum
Ryan Darrington
November Club: Andrea Perrett, Louise Taylor Asheg and Kathryn Row
Participants: Ahmad, Amira, Ellie, Jess, Khalil, Megan, Rosie
Design Von Fox Productions

For this project we have been working with a group of British, Syrian and Kurdish young people living in Northumberland, exploring what museums mean to them, and imagining what they would do if they were in a museum after dark. They are: Ahmad, Amira, Ellie, Jess, Khalil, Megan, Rosie.
Supported by Arts Council England and Northumberland County Council. Thanks to the Governments Cultural Recovery Fund we can continue to be Here For Culture.

Thanks to funding from the government’s cultural recovery fund we can offer this for free. November Club is a registered charity and we rely on your donations to be able to make great work. If you can support our work please donate HERE.

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