Food and Feuds: Two Cooks of Hexham delves into the eventful life of Hannah Glasse, considered by many to be the first domestic goddess.

Directed by Cinzia Hardy | Written by Fiona Ellis | Designed by Imogen Cloët

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Hannah's first recipe book, The Art of Cookery Made Plain and Easy, was published in 1747, and became an instant bestseller. It was reprinted at least 20 times over the next 100 years and became one of the most popular cookery books in colonial America. Despite the book’s many editions, Hannah saw few of the proceeds while others made small fortunes on the back of her talent.

This imaginary time-travelling performance brings together Hannah Glasse and Ann Cook, her arch rival and fellow cookbook writer. The bitter disagreement between Hannah and Ann is being laid bare for modern ears in a unique theatrical experience, expect a clashing of rolling pins!

Ann Cook’s own recipe book, Professed Cookery: containing boiling, roasting, preserving, potting, pickling, made-wines, gellies, and part of confectionaries, was published in 1754, and itself went on to become a bestseller, although it never achieved the same dizzying success as Hannah’s work.

Yet nearly three centuries on, Hannah, Ann, their recipe books, and bitter feud, have been largely forgotten…until now.

November Club celebrates these strong, opinionated, and underrated women for what they achieved in inhospitable times and recognises them for the pioneering characters they were.

There will be drama, laughter, food and FEUDS!

“It was brilliant.  Humour, sadness and fascinating historical insight into the lives of women who had much in common and much which divided them.  November Club is truly bringing them back to life.”

Three women stand behind a table taking jellies out of moulds

Thanks to funding from Arts Council England and Northumberland County Council. 

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