A tale told by November Club.
A Lit and Phil Carol

The Lit & Phil’s Head Librarian, Ebenezer Compendium, wants to sell all the books in the library. He just wants to make money. Only science and rational thinking exist in his world. What use is imagination and creativity anyway? His two assistants, George and Frank, are very worried for the future of the library and do everything they can to stop him…but can they convince Compendium to change his mind?

Inspired by the themes of Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, Frank and George call upon the Ghost of Christmas Past and the Ghost of Past Libraries to try to convince Compendium of the error of his choices.  They are ably assisted by two characters from Compendium's past: the love of his  life, Lavender Parenthesis and arch rival, Sir Casper Grasper.

This was a family-friendly production - produced in partnership with the Lit & Phil - that used to full effect the atmosphere of the Lit & Phil library on a cold and dark December day.


Written by Fiona Ellis
Directed by Cinzia Hardy
Designed by Imogen Cloët
Image and paper sculpture by Bethan Maddocks

Supported by:

Arts Council England, the Foyle Foundation, Ernest Hecht Charitable Foundation, Newcastle College

A Lit & Phil Carol

Images: Jason Thompson, Sound Ideas Media

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