GeNErosity Festival

A Festival of Philanthropy and Giving

Current Production
GeNErosity Festival
The GeNErosity Festival of Philanthropy and Giving is a partnership project between the Community Foundation and Newcastle University.
7-27 November

November Club is talking with groups of young people to produce something new and exciting for the GeNErosity Festival that is forward thinking and captures the voice of young people. The groups include; Barnabus Safe and Sound Youth Groups, Northbourne Youth Initiative and Hirst Welfare Youth Group.

Working alongside theatre practitioners Jane Holman, Calum Howard and Laura Rea, students from Longbenton High School will deliver something fun and exciting to present their playful and inspiring take on philanthropy.

Can't make the perfomance? Listen now to a specially commissioned song. Lyrics by Fiona Ellis. Original music and performed by Katie Doherty. 

GeNErosity Patter Song 

Images credit: The Community Foundation


The GeNErosity Festival aims are: 

• To celebrate and raise awareness of what philanthropy has achieved in the North East

• To question, debate and inform the future role of philanthropy in the North East

• To encourage more philanthropy and philanthropists, in all its forms, by demonstrating the joy of giving and the good it can do.

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Intrigued? You can see and hear more: 

7th November, 10am - GeNErosity Festival Launch, at Discovery Museum. Book Free Tickets here

19th November,4pm - GeNErosity Festival North Northumberland Roadshow at The Maltings, Berwick. Book Free Tickets here

What people said

Philanthropy is about giving money, time and resources to help others.
Generosity – past, present and future – binds us together, making the North East a special place to live and work.