10th Birthday

A new poetical form?

The Anchored Terset

At our special 10th birthday celebration on Friday 3rd November we asked our librarians Miss Marion Hedley and Miss Helen Read to ask our guests to create Anchored Tersets, a short poetic form consisting of three words, one per line with a full-stop on a fourth line anchoring the three above it.

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Beyond the End of the Road

Shortlisted for the 2017 Achates Philanthropy Prize

November Club & Hexham and Northern Marts shortlisted for the 2017 Achates Philanthropy Prize

8 November 2017 – the shortlist is announced today for the 2017 Achates Philanthropy Prize, the only annual Prize that celebrates first-time cultural giving in the UK. Now in its second year, the Prize was created to celebrate and share stories behind the development of a new generation of philanthropists in the context of the urgent need to grow cultural philanthropy in Britain with statutory and lottery funding in decline and a competitive fundraising climate.

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