Maurice W O'Connell Obituary

Our longest standing followers will remember a tall red headed Irish man with a unique sense of fun, who appeared in the very first November Club productions.

He was our Guide for the ‘Novocastrian Philosophers’ Club’ and ‘We Got Mittens Too!’ at the Literary and Philosophical Society in Newcastle, where November Club was born. Later he helped bring National Trust’s Seaton Delaval Hall to life as Mr M Misrule, The Abbott of Unreason, and together with children from St Robert’s R.C. First School in Morpeth, chased Mademoiselle D’Jeck, the murderous escaped elephant around the town. Nobody was hurt, no one ever was when Maurice was around, but everyone always laughed a great deal.

All too sadly, earlier this month, Maurice died in Cornwall, at the young age of 52 years. Maurice helped to create the original vision for November Club and the thread of his imagination will always run through our work. We miss him terribly and we know that all of you who met him or worked with him will always remember him with fondness.

Maurice W O'Connell
24th October 1966 - 6th November 2018