Beyond the End of the Road

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Thank you to those who nominated us for 'Performance of the Year'. Nominations are now closed and the winners will be announced on 24 May 2018 - fingers crossed! 

Throughout June 2017 the November Club team travelled across Northumberland playing their summer musical Beyond the End of the Road to a string of sell out rural audiences. Working within the communities to weave their stories and anecdotes into the production, casting local speaking parts and recruiting choirs to join a professional cast of 10 actors and musicians, this site specific musical was a real celebration of the county and its people.

“Brilliant! We need much more quality performances in the smaller villages. Thank you for including us”. Participant at Felton. 

“I felt a sense of community for the wider community, the Northumberland community. Because I went to Kirknewton, it’s not a local place for me either, neither is Holy Island really, but I think the whole thing was just so well done and it fitted wherever it went. It makes it more local for local people to avoid the travelling, and the village halls should be kept alive anyway, we feel. I think it’s very nice that something has come from, I know it’s only Morpeth, but it has come to us and we normally have to travel to everything.” Audience member. 


Review in the Chronicle and Journal, 28 June 2017. By David Whetstone, Senior Arts Correspondent:

“Cinzia Hardy’s company is meticulous, assembling top talent, researching thoroughly and making rehearsal time pay.

If you’re going to open a tour at Hexham Auction Mart – a notable first! – and then visit parts of the region big theatre companies don’t reach, then you’d better be good.

That approach breeds confidence and out of confidence come the sort of commanding performances and brilliant music that reverberated around Sage Two.”   *****