Beyond the End of the Road

Locals are given the opportunity to shine in new musical

Seven Northumberland villages, a livestock auction mart, Sage Gateshead and Holy Island are all venues for Beyond the End of the Road, a new musical that explores the lives and stories that make up rural life in Northumberland, in collaboration with Highlights Rural Touring Scheme.

Beyond the End of the Roadhas been produced by Morpeth based, performing arts company November Club and involves ideas and contributions distinctive to each community. November Club has travelled the county talking to villagers, collecting local tales and stories, and invited local choirs to perform at each show. Each performance will reveal the untold stories, often in the words and voices of the villagers themselves.

A professional cast of 10 actors and musicians have been joined by local singers, actors and musicians at each Village Hall.

Artistic Director of November Club, Cinzia Hardy, added: “Beyond the End of the Roadis as much the villagers’ show as it is ours. The local communities who have been called upon to get involved have shown real enthusiasm and it’s been wonderful to see their communities rooting for them and buying tickets to see the show.”

Thank you to all our singers, actors and performers taking part in Beyond the End of the Road.

Hexham Auction Mart: Elaine Burburry, Georgina Cruddas, Fiona Hunter, Mike Hunter, Adele Kinsella, Barry Liddle, Stephen Lumley, Denis Lumley, Alistair McCubbin, Eddie Milligan, Mary Oswell, Isabel Smales, Angela Small, Peter Vasey.

Thropton War Memorial Hall: Sue Bowner, Sue Braithwaite, Brendan Buckley, Margy Tasker Brown, Malcolm Burke, Amy Cowan, Kay Evans, Jess Gardiner, Joanne Gardiner, Alastair Hardie, John Homer, Nigel Jenkins, Hazel Myer, Joan Pattison, Graham Stacey.

Felton Village Hall: Don Allan, Joy Bates, Lesley-May Brown, Eileen Cameron, Jenny Ellis, Wendy Fergie, Judy Galloway, Eleanor George, Bob George, Cherry Hambrook, Bob Jones, Chris Jones, Sylvia Linnett, Judy Milne, Ian Patience, Alison Rushby, Jane Skelton, Neal Skelton, Keith Trobe.

Kirknewton Village Hall: Isobel Bailes, Kate Bagnall-Lowe, Sheila Bradford, Fiona Fairnington, Judith Grasse, Rachel Hardy, Patsy Healey, Sue Maddox, Mark Mawbey, Ann Murray, Rachel Oliver, Ann Picken, Bill Smeaton, Ginny Snooks, Bob Snooks, Jill Thomson, Pat Thompson, Louis Warmington, Sylvia Williams.

Norham Village Hall: Jacqueline Adams, Jenny Bayliss, Jacqui Brudge, Ken Brudge, Sarah Brigham, Carole Caddick, Michael Caddick, Tansy Clift, Gina Coates, Bill Cresswell, Martin Fisher, Eleanor Gilchrist, Mike Innes, Ed Lazda, Catriona Neil, Janet Young Lazda, Janet Yuer.

Shilbottle Community Hall: Elizabeth Angier, Jackie Bartlett, Anne Cant, David Cant, Robert Campbell, Tonicha Cowens, Fliss Edmunds, Fliss Edwards, Colin Gough, Viv Gough, Anne Marie Grimes, Jean Holland, John Holland, Denise MacKay, Jeannette Pearson, Martyn Tuckwell, Community Hall Ukuleles, Margaret Weaver, Michaela Weideman.

Bardon Mill & Henshaw Village Hall: Maureen Brook, Amanda Drago, Graeme Helliwell, Victoria Holt, Janet Lord, James Oates, Harold Purvis, Stephanie Wigham.

Sage Gateshead, Sage Two: Don Allan, Tsobe Bailes, Joy Bates, Eileen Cameron, Jess Gardiner, Jo Gardiner, Bob George, Cherry Hambrook, Rachel Hardy, Greame Helliwell, Victoria Holt, Sylvia Linnet, Jane Marler, James Oates, Harold Purvis, Jackie Reynolds, Alison Rusby, Jane Skelton, Neal Skelton, Graham Stacey, Dick Thompson, Pat Thompson.

Whalton Village Hall: Sue Acton, Katherine Anderson, Jane Carmichael, Andy Cowan, Sally Hobson, Maureen Hyman, Sarah Louise Johnson, Annie Lloyd, Steve Lloyd, Jackie Reynolds, Angela Robinson, Malcolm Robinson, Val Windle, Marlene Young.

The role of Molly is played by:

Halla Nwosuv – Hexham Auction Mart & Norham Village Hall

Katy O’Sullivan – Guy – Thropton War Memorial Hall

Abi Inglis Jones – Felton Village Hall, Shilbottle Community Hall & Whalton Village Hall

Phoebe Green – Kirknewton Village Hall

Katie Carruthers – Bardon Mill & Henshaw Village Hall

Maisie Saunders – Sage Gateshead

Jessica Smyth – Crossman Hall, Holy Island

Thanks to all the Womens’ Institutes and local organisations that have been involved in the making of cakes, to Tyne Valley Youth Theatre and to everyone that has made bunting at our Make & Do sessions;

Bardon Mill Spring Fair

Cheviot Centre, Wooler

Gallery Forty5, Felton

Norham St. Ceolwulfs CofE Controlled First School

Queen’s Hall Arts Hexham

Shilbottle Crafters and WI

Thropton Brownies

Whalton Village Hall Coffee Afternoon.

We would like to thank all the promoters who have supported the show within their communities.

A very special thanks to: Robert Addison and Karen Ballantyne at Hexham Auction Mart; Rev Paul Collins on Holy Island; Tamsin Austin at Sage Gateshead.