Why are you here?

Past Production
Why are you here?

Installations at Blickling Hall National Trust, Norfolk.

Blickling Hall, Aylsham, Norfolk, NR11 6NF.
2015 – 2017.

A playful collection of sounds, objects and smells evoke stories of the most recent resident of Blickling Hall.

2015 was the 75th anniversary of the untimely death of Philip Kerr, the 11th Marquis of Lothian and his bequest of Blickling to the National Trust.  November Club has weaved his story through the house, opening up new rooms in the process, so visitors encounter parts of the house he used privately and for entertaining.  Visitors discover that Lord Lothian was much more than just one of the Trust’s donors.  In fact his impact on our lives was quite profound…

Why are you here? explores how and why houses like Blickling are left to the National Trust and invites visitors to think about the people who owned the houses not so long ago when they were handed over the national heritage organisation.

Created and Produced by November Club.

Commissioned by National Trust Blickling.

Photography: Kenny Gray. Courtesy of National Trust Blickling Estate

Awards: National Trust Best Storytelling Award 2015

What people said

'The team at Blickling, working with November Club, have shown how it is possible to re-energise the display of a historic house, making subtle but meaningful changes that really prompt visitors to think and reflect.  Experiences that move, teach and inspire - in other words just as our recent strategy has called for! It's a great show.'
Ben Cowell, National Trust Regional Director, East of England