Cautionary Tales from the Trenches

Past Production
Cautionary Tales from the Trenches
Inspired by the Lit & Phil's wartime stories, November Club has used materials to playfully stimulate exploration and discussion of themes of the World War, culminating in a public lecture devised by the children for Juice Festival, and presented to their school and families.
25 October - 1 November 2014
It’s 1914... and the world is at war. The Lit and Phil’s head librarian has gone to fight for his country, leaving hapless Miss Hedley to step into the breach. Visitors were taken on a quest to search through the countless shelves and archives for lost items, urgently needed for soldiers at the Front. They followed a map through nooks, crannies and rooms full of secrets, uncovering stories from the trenches and the library’s special children’s collection which was created during World War One.

The quest was informed by November Club’s work with Year Five pupils at Walkergate Primary School, Newcastle, who came to Miss Hedley’s rescue by delivering a lecture on the reasons behind the outbreak of the war and life as a soldier in the trenches.

Supported by Juice, Heritage Lottery Fund, Joicey Trust

Location Lit and Phil, Newcastle

Production Team Cinzia Hardy, Sarah Hudson, Imogen Cloët, Katie Doherty, Paul Vinton-Knox, Arianne Nixon

Cast Christina Berriman Dawson, Jacob Anderton

Special thanks Rosie Anderson and Year 5 at Walkergate Primary School, Newcastle, Susanna Pickering for embroidery, Michael Mavromichaellis for calligraphy, Ros Stansfield for knitting.

What people said

The pupils enjoyed everything and were involved in a new way, a completely new experience and not like usual 'drama'. You wouldn't believe what the children had to say, it was so great to see and hear the ones who don't usually have an opinion speak out.

Walkergate Primary School Teacher.

We always hear about the creative things he's doing in school but we never see them, it was great to share this experience with him and see what he's been doing, and the show was perfect for parents and children to enjoy together.

Parent from school pupil involved.